Office of the Children's Guardian

Multiphase website overhaul for OCG

The Office of the Childrens Guardian (OCG) is an independent authority that aims to protect children and promote child safe organisations in Australia. Digital Garden is working with OCG on a multiphase project consisting of:

  1. Discovery UX and Content Strategy

  2. Prototyping, UI design and functional specification

  3. Development

Phase 1 had a content strategy and governance framework delivered based on understanding from workshops performed with OCG stakeholders. Following that, an activity findings report was produced analysing a number of areas such as persona development, site precedents, card sorting for IA development and a proposed IA. The final deliverable was a user research report, containing results from a treetest and user survey. 

Results from phase 1 concluded with a set of suggestions and guidelines allowing stakeholders to have a clear vision moving forward into the next phase. Digital Garden has begun work on prototyping and UI design in an iterative and user focused nature, ensuring research and suggestions inform the design. A codesign workshop will also be performed to ensure we produce a design that reflects the clients goals and vision for the final UI concept.