User surveys

Collect rich insights and structured, consistent data

We run user surveys that get rich insights on your users. Surveys are an efficient way to reach a lot of users and can be crafted in a number of ways to best respond to the design problem and project goals.

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User surveys explore how your users engage with your product, their needs and their frustrations. Surveys are valuable for large-scale analysis that informs our subsequent targeted UX activities such as one-on-one usability testing, prototyping and information architecture.

There are two types of surveys that can be used to understand users; qualitative and quantitative. 

Quantitative surveys are used to understand the metrics behind user decisions or feelings. They measure how many users do something or measure how many users agree with something. Answers are made using checkboxes or radio buttons as opposed to free text fields. 

Qualitative surveys understand user feelings by asking open-ended questions. These types of questions will be phrased so that the participant is able to write about their experience and provide rich data. 

Digital Garden will choose the most appropriate survey type to use based on the type of project and product being tested. We use established survey tools that make data collection and analysis efficient and insightful.     

Surveys can be a fast way to collect data without requiring a moderated face-to-face session. This means they can be sent out to a large pool of participants generating a rich dataset from which insights can be discovered. They are a low time and cost activity that can be useful early in the project.  

Digital Garden provides a survey report that provides insight into the data. This may include graphs or charts to represent quantitative data or a thematic analysis of qualitative answers. The report is presented to stakeholders and given the opportunity to discuss the results.  


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