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Ongoing security, enhancement and evolution

Our model is founded on successful effective solutions that empower our clients with digital insights and autonomy. Along with keeping your website secure and up to date, we help to continually evaluate and evolve your digital product.

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Digital Garden can ensure its clients stay resilient and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape and the needs of their users by analysing, reevaluating and iterating digital products, keeping them secure, fresh and up to date. 

Once your website platform is live, we recommend an ongoing support and maintenance package, as with all software, upgrades and security patches are critical to maintaining the integrity, viability and security of the product.  We can also assist you in creating a roadmap of improvements to enhance your website or digital product and can work through delivering feature by feature over time. 

We have a dedicated support manager that handles all support tasks and we provide access to our Jira service desk portal where we manage all incoming requests for full transparency and ease of use. For feature requests and larger projects, you will be allocated a dedicated project manager, who will assist you with all your digital needs.

Client relationship models 
We have many different ways that we can structure the relationship for the ongoing support of your digital product, such as retainer-based models, buying blocks of time, or estimating and developing on a case-by-case scenario. 

Why work with Digital Garden to support and optimise your digital platform?

  • Dedicated team - A support team dedicated to ensuring your web environments are secure, updated and available 24x7
  • Transparency - You get 24×7 access to a customised dashboard in our project management system (Jira) to view real-time project status, priorities, and progress.
  • SLAs - Clearly defined and measurable service levels, including round-the-clock critical response
  • Performance Monitoring - Minimise investigation time and costs by identifying bugs, external service issues and performance problems faster
  • Drupal Performance Testing - We can recommend improvements in the source code, caching and content distribution networks
  • Code audits - We audit codebases pre-existing websites and applications, to see what see how performance can be improved
  • Accessibility audits - we perform accessibility reviews, recommendations and updates to make your sites WCAG 2 compliant 

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