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Designing digital products that people love to use.

Digital Garden creates digital solutions that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. From websites to portals, apps to tools, our industry-leading expertise in UX design has solved digital problems for nearly two decades.

User experience design is important because it challenges assumptions and puts the user first. The benefit of this is a happy user is more likely to return, convert or say something positive about your brand. We understand the complexity of a user and are equipped to understand them through the various qualitative and quantitive methodologies we employ.

Digital Garden collaborates with you to understand your users, whether they are consumers, organisations, students, the general public or staff.  Our UX designers, informed by the human-centred design (HCD) process, do this by observing and understanding how people interact with your products and services, using modern collaborative UX design techniques and tools. Our research methods vary from project to project, depending upon the problems that we are looking to solve.

Our UX process has been refined over many years
Our process starts with UX discovery, allowing us to fully understand the problem space and kick-start the project in the right direction. We run a collaborative kick-off workshop using virtual workspaces to understand your business objectives, user needs and what success will look like once the project is complete.

Next, we run a series of deeper UX design workshops and sessions to delve further into the nuances of the project and its users. These workshops are informed by several UX tools and methodologies that are chosen to best fit the project. Each workshop is an opportunity to leverage subject matter experts and real users to help us define the user needs of the project.

We then run through an iterative process of wireframing, prototyping and UI design that is ready to be tested and validated. Throughout this process, we constantly refer to insights found in discovery and research to ensure that user needs are met and satisfied.

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