User research interviews

Meet your users, understand and start to design for them

Digital Garden has years of experience conducting user research interviews. Each interview is a chance to discover rich insights about your users that will inform the outcomes of the design and project. Our friendly and professional approach allows participants to open up and have an engaging and product session.

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User interviews tell us what users think about a website, design or product. They can be used at multiple stages of the design process and inform other UX activities such as persona development or usability testing. Interviews allow us to delve deep into the thoughts and behaviors of users, allowing us to make informed decisions.  

Before the first session, Digital Garden creates a research brief that includes the goals, questions and structure of the interview.  Questions are designed to be open and avoid leading or priming the participant. Follow up questions are also included to help participants who may not engage with the initial question. 

The sessions themselves are run with the facilitator leading the session and the participant providing their responses. At Digital Garden we keep sessions friendly and relaxed but still formal enough to promote engaging discussion. This ensures participants feel comfortable and are able to share their thoughts. 

We run sessions remotely over video call and provide a pre-session document to participants outlining what to expect. 

Interviews are a simple method for obtaining rich information at various stages of a project. They can be combined with usability testing to give greater context to the users choices or form the basis for persona development.

Digital Garden will deliver a user interview report that outlines the insights and themes uncovered by talking to users. Depending on the project and other UX activities, the report will also outline how the data will be used to inform other parts of the project.

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