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Content modelling, mapping and migration services

For large websites undergoing a full rebuild, automated content migration is sometimes the only feasible approach to populating content. Digital Garden can formulate a content migration mapping that ports your content from an old website and into its new iteration. The countless hours of people power that this saves is a huge cost saving to your organisation.


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Digital Garden will work closely with your team to understand all of the content types being migrated and the patterns or nuances in their structure. We will create a proof of concept and map some select pages of content into the newly developed website, ensuring the content ports across as intended and displays seamlessly within the new website’s design and its backend CMS.

For content migrations, Digital Garden has experience in migrating content between many kinds of CMS frameworks, including from:

  • one version of a CMS to another (eg. Drupal 7 to 9), such as for the Lowy Institute
  • Atlassian Confluence to Drupal, such as for Médecins Sans Frontières
  • WordPress to Drupal, such as for Thomson Reuters
  • Drupal to WordPress, such as for Surf Life Saving NSW
  • Kentico to Drupal, such as for GPT

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