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A digital project's success is all in the planning

Every project at Digital Garden has a dedicated project management and strategy team throughout. They steer the vision, planning and execution of each project and advocate for you and your digital goals.

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With lots of moving parts and people involved in a digital project, the role of our project managers is key to its smooth running and successful delivery. They are responsible for understanding the big picture vision and objectives – and bringing together client stakeholders and the Digital Garden team to deliver an outstanding product.

Our project managers are multi-tasker extraordinaires. They understand the strategic aims of the project, help plan the overall digital strategy, driving the design and development to bring the vision to life.  They run the administrative and organisational side of the project, making sure everyone knows what they need to do and when. They bridge the gap between conceptual and practical, creative and technical.

As the face of Digital Garden for each client, your project manager is the steady hand who steers workshops with your stakeholders, delivery sessions and feedback loops, walks you through the completed product in training sessions, and coordinates the live launch of your completed digital product.

Digital Garden’s project management approach is built on honesty, integrity and accountability. From the beginning, your project manager will bring you into the fold of our team, keeping you in the loop with our progress, decisions and any challenges along the way. You will have total transparency on a project through our cloud-based designs and documentation, as well as through Jira when the product is being developed and tested.

Our aim is to create a product that has the total buy-in of client stakeholders at each stage of the project, it makes for a robust, high-performing and results-driven solution.

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Requirements gathering

Requirements gathering

Digital Garden runs multiple different types of workshops with stakeholder groups such as kickoff, co-design, technical and subject matter expert (SME) focus group style sessions. These workshops are designed to collect the information that we need for different types of projects whether they be UX, technical or content-focused sessions.

Digital roadmaps & evolution

Digital roadmaps & evolution

Digital Garden’s work doesn’t end when your project is over. Many of our clients continue to collaborate with our project managers to evolve and enhance their websites for years after launch. New features, integrations or design refreshes are typical phases in a website’s lifecycle. We can work with your team to map out your digital strategy which will cover your digital product’s enhancements in line with your organisation’s own growth and evolution.

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