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Digital Garden’s world-class engaging website designs, apps and portals, are beautiful, accessible and effective. Our thorough process of concept design, user analysis and quality assurance protocols bring compelling user interface design to life.

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While research, analysis and business objectives drive much of your web content, the visual aesthetics of your website that define and frame that content are equally important.

A simple yet sophisticated web design not only eases a user’s entry and journey through your website, but it also influences their perceptions of trust and confidence in your brand as well as the actual content viewed.

Whether undertaking a complete brand refresh or working from existing digital design guidelines, we pride ourselves on crafting engaging, WCAG 2.1 AA accessible, responsive interfaces that work seamlessly across devices (desktop, tablet and mobile), screen sizes and content management systems. 

Our web design agency will bring your website or digital product to life by adding micro-interactions that help create an engaging, welcoming interface. We also can design custom animations that can illustrate complex ideas and products. Our interactions and animations are lightweight utilising modern technologies such as CSS and javascript.

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Digital style guides

Digital style guides

Once the web design templates are complete we then create a digital style guide, which is a complete component library, with UI design guidelines for the developers to work from. Not only does the guide provide component sets, it also has all design rules, including colours, fonts, padding, line heights, hover states, and so on, this approach enables design governance and helps create a streamlined experience throughout the digital project.

Logos and branding guidelines

Logos and branding guidelines

Beyond user interfaces, Digital Garden can create the design language, logo and branding that defines your organisation. We can be commissioned to create a complete visual identity and branding guidelines for your organisation – establishing the foundations of a design language that can be crafted into a brand and logo that embodies your business and is memorable to your audience.

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