Bennelong Funds Management

A complex multisite solution serving content to a dozen distinct sites across 3 continents

Actively managed equity funds across the globe

Bennelong Funds Management Group (BFM) – headquartered in Melbourne, Australia – selected Digital Garden for its expertise in multi-site experience design and development. BFM currently manages 7 boutiques in Australia and several more in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The aim of the project was to leverage a single content management system (CMS) and codebase to serve content to the differently branded boutiques around the world through over a dozen websites.

Multisite solution

Leveraging Drupal 9 and advanced implementation of multisite back end administration and frontend-user experience, Bennelong Funds Management can now roll out new sites with ease as they bring funds on board. The autonomy and dynamism of the CMS mean that been along no longer has to engage developers when they onboard new boutiques and funds into the wider BFM group.

Centralised content & data control

Centralising file paths and tokenised content, Bennelong Funds Management CMS administrators can easily change financial statistics and key figures in one location that then updates across various nodes of content where the token sits within a page of content. This means that facts and figures cited across hundreds of pages of content and more than a dozen sites do not become out-of-date and can easily be updated and administered in one central spot.

CMS controlled branding & site roll out

With a configurable colour and branding configuration interface, the Bennelong Funds Management CMS team can bring new sites on board and set colour and font styles throughout the sites that leverage the same component library of UI features that will inherit any font and colour styles implemented by the most beginner of CMS users.

Google Sheets API integration

The Google Sheets API integration implemented updates real-time the many funds’ tables and tabs of financial performance data. With cell-to-cell mapping, BFM can centrally update their Google Sheets performance information that then feeds off to specific cells on a certain table on a particular site.

Geolocation-based and personalised content

Persona-based user journeys and geolocation served content mean that Bennelong Funds Management can target key users in markets around the world depending on who they are or where they're visiting from. Nuances in terms and information used in different regions mean simply a different page served within the same website structure. Personalisation of content based on their investor type can be as granular as different fields that appear on a contact form or the messaging seen on one component on the page. 

Ongoing digital partnership

Bennelong and Digital Garden have an ongoing partnership and continue to update the features & functions of the multi-sites, roll out new boutique sites and regularly refresh the UI look & feel.