Thomson Reuters customer portal

Digital Garden designed and developed the a series of global customer portal websites for the Thomson Reuters legal division to better support their customers.

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Built on Drupal, on a single CMS, the portal serves as a hub of information for Thomson Reuters' suite of legal products and platforms, for both the Australia and New Zealand websites.

The minimum viable product (MVP) main aim of the project was to condense four separately managed websites across Australia and New Zealand into a single CMS framework, that could serve two websites: for Australia and New Zealand.  The organisation was embarking on a project to unify their tone of voice, create a great user experience, and to centralise communication channels with their customer base. 

The content on the portal includes training guides and materials, videos, webinars, events, company news, technical alerts and product updates catering to their Australian and New Zealand markets.

We developed this project leveraging a sprint Agile-based development methodology. This approach meant the Thomson Reuters were afforded complete transparency of the project's planning and progress from its commencement, ensuring early buy-in from the key stakeholder groups.

User acceptance testing (UAT) and feedback from our client throughout development made for a final delivered product that was refined and thoroughly tested.



Plan. Prioritise. Prototype.
A well-planned project with a fixed budget yet flexible scope produced a knockout MVP
Digital Garden creates website development project plans, feature requirements documents and interactive prototypes
The Thomson Reuters customer portal website designed by Digital Garden is a seamless mobile experience.
Project components and methodology

We commenced the project in Q1 2017 and launched live six months later. Here's what we did:

  • Stakeholder group workshops, with our digital producer, tech lead, and UX/UI designer
  • Feature requirements scoped within Confluence, a project collaboration tool
  • Interactive prototyping to demonstrate function and flow
  • User interface (UI) concept design and sprint-based design for all screens of the portal
  • Sprint-based platform development and release meetings
  • CMS training with all client’s relevant business units
  • User acceptance testing (UAT) and client content entry

A true collaboration, thorough planning and a great client in Thomson Reuters — and the core project team Magda, Victoria, and Vanessa — were key to this build being an enormous success.

Being able to map-out the functional details of the portal’s features with Thomson Reuters at the outset helped create a product delivery free of big surprises and one that exceeded everyone's expectations. In short, we delivered what we scoped and planned — together.

Digital Garden training Thomson Reuters staff on using Drupal 8
Empowering clients with Drupal know-how

The project’s digital producer Paul Martusewicz also conducted on-site Drupal 8 CMS training with Thomson Reuters’ various business units. Empowering our client’s own content creators and subject matter experts with Drupal know-how enabled this information-packed site to be populated with content quickly by many stakeholders simultaneously.

Content population can be a monumental task on a vast website. However, with an entire team now armed with Drupal CMS knowledge, multiple content creator Thomson Reuters’ business units managed to populate the portal in just over a month.

The Thomson Reuters customer portal's Updates & Alerts section
The launched MVP product
Key customer portal features upon the launch of the MVP include:
  • Multi-regional configuration, allowing for both the Australian and New Zealand sites’ content to be administered via the same Drupal CMS framework
  • Role-based content creation and permissions workflow for publishing content onsite
  • Landing pages for all Thomson Reuters (Legal) products and platforms, with tabbed views of product-related training materials such as Guides, Videos and Updates
  • A gated support login for Premium Care customers
  • An Updates & Alerts section, serving as a blog on product updates and a means for communicating any technical issues to Thomson Reuters' products customers
  • A migration of some legacy blog posts from the old standalone Thomson Reuters blog sites into Drupal 8

Digital Garden has continued to work with Thomson Reuters in the years since launch to roll-out new features and build upon the MVP. In 2020, Digital Garden is working with Thomson Reuters to roll-out to further global markets with some being multilingual versions of the site. The first to launch was Hong Kong in September 2020, with markets like Singapore, Russia, Korea and Japan to follow.