Glaucoma Australia

A new website for Glaucoma Australia that provides education, support and hope for 300,000 Australians.

Glaucoma Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to eliminate glaucoma blindness in Australia by detecting and treating the disease early. Their website is a source of hope, information and support for people in Australia that are affected by this life changing disease.

Digital Garden was engaged by Glaucoma Australia to redesign its ageing and content rich site into a new easy to use and streamlined user experience. Working closely together, a number of activities were performed that would see Glaucoma Australia's vision come to life, including:

Discovery, UX & UI - Kickoff meeting, co-design workshop, review and refinement of the information architecture, prototyping, UI concept and component templates.

Development - AA compliant, built on Drupal 8, integrated with ThankQ CRM for data collection and SecurePay for Donation and ecommerce payment. It also has Monsido implemented on the site for enhanced website usability and accessibility.

Workshop activities such as co-design allowed stakeholders to get involved in the process and use their expert knowledge to help display the message of hope and support that is integral to the organisation. Digital Garden also reinvigorated the donation, events and shop sections to provide a consistent and appealing experience for users.

The result is a beautiful website that accommodates the types of users who are visiting and reaches out to them with engaging and informative content to give them hope in their fight against glaucoma.


Accessibility in mind

The website features the Monsido PageAssist accessibility option to cater toward users with a disability.

This was especially important on a site where a percentage of users may have vision impairment and need to make elements on the page larger of use the screen reader.

Smart integrations

Integrations have been implemented across the site to handle various functionalities:

SecurePay - SecurePay is used to handle online payments on the donation and ecommerce parts of the site, allowing for seamless and highly secure transactions.

ThankQ CRM - Integrated to collect data from multiple forms for ease of use data management.