Technical Lead

Yusef started programming in 2001, and he commenced working with PHP from 2006.  Along with PHP, he has also worked with many other different programming languages such as C, Java, Python, and PHP. He has a masters degree in artificial intelligence.

In 2006 he found the power and adaptability of Drupal, so he started to work with and improve his knowledge around that. He has created over 300 websites over a range of industries based on Drupal, he has also written a lot of Drupal modules and is very active in Drupal’s community.  Although he knows the power of other content management systems, he believes Drupal 8 is one of the best platforms out there, and is very well-designed, with a high-level architecture. It is not just a CMS, it’s a CMSF (Content Management System Framework) which makes it possible to develop a wide range of websites with higher consistency, complex integrations, whilst keeping them very secure.

He is always keeping himself up-to-date with the latest  technology trends. He is eager to experience new things, facing new challenges and dealing with complicated problems.