Right information, right people, right time.

Innovative, flexible & affordable

Hot on the heels of comes SugarCRM, a Commercial Open Source customer relationship management system providing a fully featured solution at an affordable price for businesses of all sizes.

Built on a PHP platform, SugarCRM allows companies the flexibility to host either in the cloud, on site or at a data centre of their choice. This is increasingly important for Australian customers who require their data to reside in Australia rather than in the cloud off shore.

SugarCRM is an all-in-one marketing, sales and customer service platform designed to help businesses solve real world business problems. From automating sales, marketing and customer support to creating a custom CRM application SugarCRM can help you do it.

SugarCRM products

SugarCRM products are split into three:

Professional Edition - A solution for small to medium sized businesses with all the features of a powerful CRM and online support

Enterprise Edition - All the features of Professional but with Enterprise level opportunities management, reporting, self service customer service portal and 2 sandbox instances

Ultimate Edition - For large enterprises requiring additional storage space and sandboxes coupled with dedicated technical account management and 24/7 phone support

What it means for your business

Integrating a CRM system such as SugarCRM with your website provides a solution upon which to build your marketing, sales and customer support strategies to grow your business. Flexibility and affordability are the cornerstones of the SugarCRM offering and help get full visibility into how your business is performing at any given time. Accurate reporting, forecasting and insights all lead to improved business performance right from the top down.

Right information, right people, right time means driving more sales, keeping customers happy and growing their lifetime value to your bottom line. Sounds like a sweet deal.

Our experience

At Digital Garden, our team has extensive experience in integrating websites into CRM systems such as SugarCRM. We’re always asking the questions as to how can we help drive business growth, not just design a new website. Summitcare is one such example where a responsive Drupal website was integrated with the client’s SugarCRM system to capture all new website enquiries. Through a series of workflows the enquiry is routed directly to a sales or customer service representative for immediate follow up leading to a faster response time and higher conversion rates.

The International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) is also a Digital Garden customer with website and SugarCRM integrated to drive new student enrolments for its range of Business and Management courses. In just over 2 months of launching the new website and CRM integration ICMS has received more enrolments than the whole of the previous year.

Talk to us today about how we can add the sweet smell of success to your business.