Agile Drupal project with integrations

Agile Drupal project with integrations


Built on Drupal, this Agile multi-part UX/UI and integration development project has delivered a cutting-edge new experience for Doctors Health Fund and its members.


Design brief

Digital Garden’s project for the team at Doctors’ Health Fund - a private health insurer (PHI) dedicated to medical professionals and their families - was a multi-part, exciting user experience (UX), user interface (UI) design, and development integration project.

Doctors’ Health Fund brought Digital Garden on board for this project to bring an engaging new UX and UI experience for prospective and existing members. Their old site had fallen behind those of their competitors, with a dated, uninspiring design that relied on text-heavy pages of content. Another component of the build was to integrate with the new REST API of the backend medical benefits system that Doctors’ Health Fund operates with.

We carried out a rigorous analysis of Doctors’ Health Fund’s competitors and the PHI landscape in Australia. A common requirement of all insurers (and not always striking the right balance) is weighing the needs of the acquisitions side of a PHI business and that of the existing membership base. Some of the sites we researched had done this well, while others had the membership experience - or even the ability to log-in - almost hidden or relegated to a distant second place of importance. 

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Balancing acquisitions versus membership

Balancing acquisitions versus membership

One of the main aims for both Doctors’ Health Fund and Digital Garden was to make the members feel as important and getting value-for-money as the day they first joined.

Key features of the new solution

Key features of the new solution

Through an Agile approach to design and development, Digital Garden created, tested and iterated the following features to bring the whole product to life:

  • Quick Quote form and cover products selection

  • Acquisitions and member calls-to-action and login reimagined on the public-facing site

  • Application Form

  • Email Me This Quote

  • Dashboard

  • Claims History

  • Make a Claim

  • Make a Payment & Manage Payment Method

  • My Usage & Limits

  • My Profile

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The end product is a stunning visual and user experience, worlds apart from their previous website iteration - a solution that rivals some of Australia’s biggest names in the PHI sector.