Truly end-to-end customer relationship management

The World’s largest provider of CRM software

Over 15 years ago set out to change the way businesses engage with their prospects and customers by launching software in “the cloud”. Initially targeting small and medium size businesses the company has now grown to be more than just a Customer relationship management (CRM) software provider encompassing marketing and customer service capabilities.

Today covers everything from marketing, sales and customer service through to analytics and a range of applications that give businesses of all shapes and sizes a 360-degree view of the customer catering for a multitude of customer touch points.

Salesforce products’s products are split into three key areas:

Sales Cloud - Providing a range of tools to give sales teams the power to close more deals, increase productivity and keep a solid pipeline of leads

Service Cloud – allowing call centre and customer service staff to become more responsive, more intuitive and more flexible to support and anticipate customer needs

Marketing Cloud – Enabling businesses to build and manage 1-to-1 customer journeys across a range of online and offline channels to secure qualified leads for sales teams

What it means for your business

Integrating a CRM system such as with your website provides a platform upon which to build your go to market strategies with full visibility of who your prospects and customers are and to be able to anticipate their needs as they engage with your business.

Better data, better insights means closing more deals, more often and faster than ever. Excellence in customer service means happier customers, more referrals and higher lifetime values. 80:20 rule anyone?

Our experience

At Digital Garden, our focus on business results means we look beyond just the website project. We consider how we can add value and help grow the client’s business. Montgomery Investment Management is one such example where a responsive Drupal website was integrated with the client’s CRM system to capture all new leads. Through a series of workflows the lead is routed directly to a consultant for immediate follow up leading to a faster response time and higher conversion rates.

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