Systems Integration

Connecting the disconnected

Nothing frustrates employees more than having different technologies for different tasks that don’t speak to each other. Manual and double handling the same information impacts effectiveness and productivity within any organisation. 

Digital Garden’s experts are well versed in making sure various systems integrate with each other, which in turn helps ensure your teams deliver fast, quality experiences, whether that be to internal audiences or external customers (both prospects or existing clients alike).

Some systems we’ve had experience integrating include:

As experienced as we are, and irrespective of the tool or solution used, smarter integration can often lead to automating repetitive tasks, thus delivering process efficiencies as well as capturing new leads from your digital assets.

These in turn can then feed into your CRM system to potentially help EDM and other content marketing initiatives.

To be [connected] or not to be?

That is the question. And there’s a simple way to find the answer. Just get in touch and let’s explore where you’re at today, but more importantly, where you’d like to be tomorrow.