Better relationship management

As brands increasingly move towards a customer centric approach, rather than adopting a product-led focus, each and every interaction with current (and future) customers has to be recorded, measured, reported and acted upon to truly sustain business growth and revenue.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software allows you to organise, automate and synchronise marketing, sales and servicing across an organisation so that a customer gets a truly seamless digital experience.

Such an approach can lead to enhanced loyalty, increased lifetime value and, of course, opportunities to secure new customers through referrals.

Major CRM players

Salesforce - arguably one of the largest and most successful CRM vendors with a suite of ‘cloud-based’ products that focus on specific areas such as Marketing, Sales, Social Media and Customer service.

SugarCRM - the Commercial Open Source CRM software available from SugarCRM is an all-in-one solution covering marketing, sales and customer service with more powerful features and functionalities available in higher-end subscriptions. A key benefit over has been the ability to host in the cloud, on premise or third party platforms.

Additional systems are specifically targeted at industry verticals while others are more general in nature. But whichever one you choose to implement, it’s important to recognise that your whole business should use it to gain the best value – not just the marketing and sales team.

CRM is not just technology and software

It needs people to make it work in order to derive the greatest return on investment. Hence any CRM consideration must be part of an overall business strategy where the whole organisation has buy-in and can benefit from its implementation.

In practice, leads can be worked through any marketing and sales funnel using quality content, marketing automation and social channels to maintain top of mind awareness and bring them closer to the purchase decision.

Digital Garden and CRM

Our team has extensive experience in integrating websites into CRM systems such as SugarCRM. We’re always asking the questions as to how can we help drive business growth, not just design a new website. Summitcare is one such example where a responsive website using Drupal was integrated with the client’s SugarCRM system to capture all new website enquiries. Through a series of workflows the enquiry is routed directly to a sales or customer service representative for immediate follow up leading to a faster response time and potentially higher conversion rates.

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