SharePoint Design

We've designed SharePoint interfaces for corporate and government clients including UGL, Dexus, Department of Education & Railcorp.

We combine a history of User Centred Design and understanding of SharePoint 2013's strengths and limitations.   We’ve designed and built impressive user interfaces (UI) for SharePoint intranets, portals, project management tools and intranet applications belonging to some of Australia’s most recognised brands and government agencies. This puts your IT development team at ease when it comes to SharePoint design, especially as we also:  

  • Help you identify functional requirements with stakeholder workshops, user research and prototypes
  • Talk to your SharePoint developers early and often to understand their technical requirements
  • Design to accessibility standards and guidelines, as decreed by the W3C WCAG 2.0
  • Implement templates in HTML, CSS and JavaScript optimised for integration with SharePoint
  • Provide open and transparent pricing and fee structures
  • Work to well defined milestones and deliverables
  • SharePoint Friendly Design

As an agency with extensive experience designing for SharePoint 2013, Digital Garden understand the strengths and limitations of the SharePoint platform. We work with your developers to understand the deliverables they need and how they need them delivered. We also work with the business to help identify functional requirements and produce the quality of documentation expected by your IT team.  

From Workshops to Pair Programming

Not only do we create beautiful designs for portals and intranets but we understand that Intranet Design and Development is a process. We start by running workshops with the business, with the IT team and with your actual users. From there we write documentation, create prototypes and provide design concepts and templates for approval.   Then we write HTML, CSS and JavaScript for your developers to integrate with SharePoint. Finally we offer Pair Programming support with your developers to assist with integrating the User Interface design.

Want a good looking Sharepoint site? 

Start the conversation by telling us about your plans and let’s take it from there.