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Digital Garden are leaders in building multisite and multilingual website solutions. Multisites allow you to run all your brands websites from the one platform, reduce ongoing costs and provide a seamless experience for your users around the world.

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Digital Garden has built multisite and multilingual website and app solutions for an impressive array of clients including Doctors Without Borders, Thomson Reuters, Legrand, Lowy Institute, Surf Life Saving NSW, World Mosquito Program, Bennelong Funds Management, Australian Fisheries Management Authority, Haben Property Fund, and more.

Multisite websites can bring cost efficiencies, consolidation and consistency to your organisation. They are fun yet complex projects that require a skilled web developer and UX design agency to properly architect the custom backend content management system (CMS) solution and the frontend look and feel to fulfill your requirements. Multisites can have many applications:

Need a multilingual website? Well, hello! ¡Hola! 你好. Bonjour. Привіт. أهلا

Digital Garden’s expertise in multilingual multisite websites is one of the most common reasons client engage us to build their solution. Many considerations go into our multilingual projects, from allowing your CMS users to easily create and translate every bit of content a user sees on the site, to how different languages, characters and scripts display frontend.

Digital Garden has designed and developed solutions for languages such as:

  • Arabic (right to left) – for Médecins Sans Frontières medical guidelines
  • Filipino – for Doctors Without Borders APAC
  • French – for Médecins Sans Frontières medical guidelines
  • Indonesian – for Doctors Without Borders APAC
  • Korean – for Thomson Reuters
  • Malay – for Doctors Without Borders APAC
  • Spanish – for World Mosquito Program
  • Thai – for Doctors Without Borders APAC

Seamless website rollouts for agile businesses

Digital Garden has created multisite setups for clients who want multiple businesses or brands served from the same multisite CMS. The websites may have no relationship to one another for the end user, but their administration via a single CMS using a similar look and feel means the parent organisation can quickly onboard new like-businesses and rollout new websites with ease and minimal ongoing costs. An example of one of our clients who uses this approach is the Haben Property Fund, which owns shopping centres in Sydney, Melbourne and across regional Australia, including Seven Hills Plaza, Caloundra Shopping Centre, and Wollongong Central among half a dozen others.

Multisites for multinationals operating in global markets

Even if a multilingual website is not a requirement, Digital Garden has lots of experience in developing multisite solutions for global businesses and organisations who want to operate websites for their local markets on the one CMS. Digital Garden has built the Australia and New Zealand multisite for global electrical manufacturer Legrand, as well as the Australia and New Zealand arms of Doctors Without Borders.

Consolidate websites. Cut costs

Some organisations have different websites for different audiences. There may not be commonalities in the end-user experience or design – and maybe the CMS administration will be different for different business units. Yet maintaining websites on the one codebase and hosting infrastructure means costs are reduced, the number of suppliers kept lean and code kept orderly and up-to-date by the same supplier. Clients such as the Lowy Institute and Surf Life Saving NSW work with Digital Garden to maintain multiple websites that are administered from a single CMS and hosted on a single hosting infrastructure.

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