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The way people engage with the frontend of your interface is everything − from smooth transitions to seamless page loads, the devil is in the detail. If your site has cool, high-quality UIs, your users will love to use your digital product.

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Building high-quality user interfaces can be crucial to a business’s success. The quality of your website or web app frontend is important because a poorly designed user interface is generally less user-friendly and your users will not like a poorly designed UI. Also, building lightweight frontend frameworks makes your website a lot faster to load, making the general browsing experience enjoyable for the end user. 

Our frontend developers work with a number of different frontend technologies such as Pattern Lab, Vue, Angular and React to deliver engaging and real-time user interactions that bring our project interfaces to life.

For some projects, we recommend a decoupled (headless) approach where the frontend code is separated from the backend code. Benefits of having a decoupled website include:

  • Your developers have the freedom to build using leading frontend technologies,  frameworks and tools - such as Angular.js, Node.js and React 
  • You can have an omnichannel delivery, connecting your content to different channels (websites, apps, wearables etc) via APIs from your CMS backend
  • Flexibility of CMS - such as Drupal, Wordpress, or Umbraco  
  • Improves reliability and performance 
  • Increases security 

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