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A new consolidated content hub - Macquarie's Lighthouse portal

Macquarie University partnered with Digital Garden to help create their new consolidated content platform, The Lighthouse. The aim of the project was to create a showcase of the university’s news on their world-changing research news, comment from experts in their field and data-backed opinion.

Over the years, the number of websites, blogs, newsletters and digital entities run by various university faculties had been created independent from one another - all with differing frontend look and feel, disparate content governance processes and lacking a cohesive cross-platform promotion and strategy.

For Macquarie University content creators, the objective of this new system was to make the production of content more efficient internally. The end product would be a flexible, consolidated content platform that could serve as a single central repository for all of the stories about and from Macquarie University.

Digital Garden prototyped the user experience (UX) of the new content hub, working to understand the needs of a range of user groups: the public, students, media and staff and ways to best demonstrate the university’s expertise and the impact of its research, teaching and learning, innovation and community engagement.

We then created the user interface (UI) design concept and carried this through the design of internal screens and listing views.

With the completed site launched, The Lighthouse now helps illuminate curious minds with the big challenges and solutions across technology, science, health, the environment and the economy.

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