The future of digital marketing

Building closer relationships with your customers

As media continues to fragment and traditional communication channels become diluted and wasteful, there’s never been a better time to get closer to your customers and forge 1-on-1 relationships to gain that competitive advantage. As part of Salesforce.coms’ marketing cloud product set, ExactTarget is one of the world’s most powerful digital marketing platforms.

Recognising that buyers want to buy from you rather than be sold to, businesses now need to better understand the journey that each potential customer takes before finally making the decision to part with their cash. ExactTarget’s journey builder helps create those user journeys by mapping each touch point whether online or offline and helps you target key messages at the right time in the right channel.

ExactTarget products

Contact builder – to build a 360 degree view of your customers to help turn personalised data into personalised customer conversations

Journey builder – to trigger timely and meaningful messages across a range of channels based on real-time customer behaviour

Content builder – whether email, mobile, social, ads or web you can create content and automatically deliver a personalised message to your customers

Audience builder – to filter any segment from multiple data sources to target your message with greater precision

What it means for your business

Get closer to your customers, understand and anticipate their needs and deliver valuable content and offers when they want they and you have a recipe for success. ExactTarget allows you to create and automate campaigns that trigger on customer behaviour – so rather than be an interruption in their daily lives you deliver value just at the right time for them to move closer to buying from you.

Build a single view of your customer, automate real time journeys, connect with them on any channel or device and drive incremental revenue, loyalty and advocacy. We always prefer not to be sold to, but we all love to buy.

Our experience At Digital Garden, our clients are already using ExactTarget to help them with what is now termed the Customer Experience Management. Everything from generating new leads through to nurturing them through to a sale and beyond into loyalty and advocacy. We can help design and develop digital assets and templates to be used with ExactTarget so all they need to do is press play.


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