Intranets, Portals & Apps

Designing products people want to use

At Digital Garden we have over 12 years experience combining user centred design with front-end development to create engaging digital products such as intranets, applications and portals, that staff and clients take pleasure in using, including those at BT, ASIC, Dexus, Leighton Contractors, UGL, Sydney Water and Medibank.

While we have expertise designing and building the front-end of digital products using a range of leading portal-type technologies - notably Oracle, Squizz and Drupal - we modestly lay some claim to be very good at delivering Sharepoint 2013 solutions too.

From workshops to pair programming

Firstly we meet with developers to understand technical requirements. Secondly, we meet with the business to integrate their functional requirements. The combined output is then workshopped with staff and clients using prototypes to arrive at the optimal intranet or portal solution and framework that:

  • Meets W3C accessibility standards and design guidelines
  • Renders templates in HTML, CSS and JavaScript optimised for a smooth integration with SharePoint or other platforms as required
  • Offers pair programming support to assist developers integrate the user interface design
  • Provides open and transparent pricing and fee structures Works to well defined milestones and deliverables

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