We live and breathe Drupal

Digital Garden’s expertise lies in the Drupal CMS framework, on which the Gov CMS platform is based.

Our deep Drupal know-how comes from the countless digital solutions we have designed for and built on the platform. Our team of Acquia-certified Drupal developers and designers proficient in the Digital Service standards are experts on digital projects in the government sphere.

Our solutions are built to be functional yet beautiful, simple to use yet meet complex organisational criteria.

Building you a strong foundation on Gov CMS

Digital Garden’s extensive work within all levels of government means we have a strong understanding of digital transformation in these agencies, and the challenges it poses. Through a high-level content audit and a clear set of content guidelines, Digital Garden assists agencies in tackling an enormous volume of legacy content.

Through our user experience (UX) and content strategy activities, we can guide you in:

  • Reviewing the information architecture (IA) of your site from a new perspective. Too often, the IA of government agencies are inward-facing and not user-friendly to primary external audiences
  • Structuring a robust content type and taxonomy model that will drive content filtering and cross-referencing that will enrich the onsite content experience for users
  • Establishing an approach to review, cull and renew existing content, prior to your content’s migration to its new Gov CMS platform
  • Reimagining the experience users have with complex data on government websites, achieved through mobile-first experience design
  • Adhering to accessibility guidelines both for the content and UX on the site, without compromising aesthetic considerations
  • Formulating a content publishing workflow that matches your organisational model, ensuring reviews & approval are a smooth process for you ongoing
  • Learning and training on the new Gov CMS platform, ensuring your team can capitalise on its features to your agency’s advantage

Do you have gov CMS project you would like to discuss?

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