Content Strategy

The roadmap to clarity

There’s a lot of content strategy happening of late, which is a good thing. However, much of it is misinformed or misappropriated or just a mish-mash of Internet memes and slogans.

The need for such a strategy has arguably come about due to the proliferation of so many digital platforms. Think ‘mobile first’, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, eBay, apps, YouTube, microsites, tablets, clouds etc, and most likely with a website as the ‘publishing hub’ churning out written copy in a plethora of formats (tweets, blog & social posts, articles, video, email, infographic, eBook, newsletter etc.)

You get the picture. Which platform/format combinations do you focus on? What ones are irrelevant, or maybe later? Who will craft the right content for each channel? And more importantly, how can your business realistically support and manage this 24/7?

Charting a realistic and sustainable path through all this based on your resources, business objectives and budget is what a content strategy can help clarify.

At Digital Garden we break it down this way; a content strategy simply gives AIR to your digital ambitions by:

  • Assessing an organisation’s current state and acknowledging its ideal future state
  • Identifying where the content gaps and opportunities are
  • Recommending a roadmap.

We’re not talking ‘content marketing’

Content marketing is more tactical: It looks at all the content across a company that can build relationships with customers, and then execute compelling content initiatives to reach, engage and convert, all while aligning with any presiding corporate and brand goals.

But the two (content strategy and content marketing) - while being very distinct and separate pieces of work - obviously overlap.

Robert Rose, Chief Strategist at the CM Institute in the US explains the difference well:

“Content marketing addresses the ‘why’ (as in why would the customer be interested in this?), while content strategy addresses the ‘how,’ and together they work out the ‘what’ and ‘where.’

It’s time to get strategic about content

Truth be known, content strategy is built into much of the collaboration we conduct across the entire project life cycle; from the initial brief right through to content management support after ‘going live’.

As for a specific strategy designed around your content, it’s never too early to start that conversation.