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Making the web work for everyone.

Website accessibility improves the usability of your website for everyone. It makes your website inclusive, especially for those with a disability. Let us guide you through creating an accessible website - from completing an accessibility audit, to designing and developing a website to accessibility standards.

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Website accessibility audits
We can help you to complete a thorough accessibility audit on your site to determine where and how improvements need to be made. Reporting is tailored to ensure you can get stakeholders onside and understand what is needed to meet website accessibility standards.

Designing for accessibility 
The first step in understanding how to design for accessibility, is understanding how people with disabilities access the web. Digital Garden’s designers and developers are well versed in understanding assistive technologies and different forms of disability. Our team has completed W3C courses to arm us with the right tools and knowledge to design compliant websites.

In your designs, we will focus on key website accessibility standards to ensure your new website is inclusive. This includes colour contrast, font size and readability, and ensuring designed content is easy to perceive and understand.

Testing for accessibility
Our developers will build your website following strict website accessibility standards for coding such as making use of ARIA, creating a logical and clean code structure, and ensuring functionalities can be used in different modalities e.g. keyboards.

All websites are then tested using accessibility tools such as pa11y and WAVE to meet WCAG 2.1 AA. Manual testing for keyboard accessibility and other assistive technologies such as screen readers is also completed.

Speak to our friendly website accessibility team to discuss your next website project. Get in touch.

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