The new SharePoint portal, designed by Digital Garden, helps UGL manage over $2.2Bn worth of revenue from their global infrastructure projects.


The UGL Project team manage multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects in Australia and around the world. These projects are run based on stringent policies & procedures and are underpinned by a vast company wide knowledge base of shared resources.

The existing “EIMS Portal” built in SharePoint 2010 was clunky, difficult to use and often disregarded. The system was more of a hindrance than a help to doing projects the UGL way. The core challenge being faced in the redesign was the vastness of content making findability a major UX concern.


The Digital Garden team was engaged to develop the UX Strategy for the EIMS portal and to design the new user interface. A set of multi-day user workshops, stakeholder workshops and scoping sessions were conducted to establish a rigid set of user, business and technical requirements. From there we produced high fidelity comprehensive wireframes that were responsive and would work across multiple devices. Finally the Digital Garden team produced a UI design implemented in HTML templates. These HTML templates were integrated by the UGL SharePoint team as defined in the technical requirements.

Digital Garden implemented the following features to ensure that the EIMS portal was a great support tool for users:

  • Interactive 'Handbook' Component - this lets users obtain information for specific management areas and instructions for procedures with ease
  • Project Areas - this is a tool that allows users to create and manage project areas that can be used as a hub for everyone involved in the project
  • Wizard - users need to input a lot of information to create project areas, this process was simplified and made more convenient by implementing a multi-step ('Wizard') that shows users how close they are to completing the process
  • Personalisation - users are provided with information that is relevant to them on their dashboards. A bookmarking option that lets users keep track of projects they are involved in was also implemented 


The new SharePoint portal designed by Digital Garden manages over $2.2Bn worth of global infrastructure projects. User engagement with the portal has increased 30% resulting in improved project productivity.

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User engagement has increased by 30%
Resulting in improved productivity
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