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St George and Sutherland Community College (SGSCC) is a registered training organisation (RTO) servicing the St George and Sutherland Shire area of Sydney and provides a range of accredited vocational and leisure courses to its local area.

As part of the growth of the organisation it has extended its reach into a variety of courses teaching vocational skills and covers the following broad areas: Leisure, WorkSkills, SchoolAge, English, International and Disability. 

Most recently, SGSCC’s online presence had been through one website with an additional site covering International students, Each learning/teaching area department felt the need to have its own website presence in order to market their own particular courses. The marketing team at SGSCC identified the need to have an online structure that:

  • Uses consistent branding
  • Is easy to use by content managers
  • Showcases courses
  • Enables easy enrolment online
  • Delivers a quality user experience for students and candidates on desktop, tablet and smartphone
  • Attracts new enrolments


Digital Garden in partnership with the SGSCC Marketing team conducted user research to assist in the redesign of the SGSCC website. The main purpose of the research was to identify common problems the current SGSCC website faces with first hand responses from its users.

Prior to conducting the user research procedures a couple of key hypotheses were drafted from business and strategic goals and some of these were tested during the research.

Digital Garden in conjunction with SGSCC deployed the following user research methodologies in the journey to a new redesigned website:

  • Competitor Research
  • Surveys
  • Stakeholders
  • Staff
  • Student Feedback
  • Card Sorting / Affinity Mapping
  • Usability Benchmarking


Based on the high fidelity prototype created from the research findings Digital Garden has built 6 fully responsive, mobile first, WCAG AA compliant websites using a Drupal multisite architecture.

This allowed SGSCC to leverage an economy of scale, having one code base to power all their websites, which not only reduces their maintenance costs, but increases consistency in functionality and content management experience reducing the effort in training staff to manage their website.

Some of the key features:

  • Mobile first design
  • WCAG AA Accessible
  • Multi Site Architecture
  • Ability to share content between sites using JSON feeds
  • Acquia Cloud Hosting
Exceptional Accessibility
Level AA Conformance to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0
WCAG AA Compliant Accesible website
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