Makinson d'Apice

At Makinson d’Apice you will find a dynamic combination of commercial acumen, business pragmatism and legal expertise.


Digital Garden and Makinson d’Apice were brought together to implement and integrate a brand new design and user experience as well as increasing and updating the functionality of the existing website.


Makinson d’Apice had an existing Drupal build which required a complete overhaul of user experience, interface design, technical features and functionality. In order for Digital Garden to implement Makinson d’Apice’s new approach, a complete strip of the existing backend features and theme of the website had to take place. By building the website from the ground up, we were able to re-create new features, views, page layouts, implement a brand new design, theme and digital strategy - whilst maintaining all of the existing content.

Some of the key features of this project were:

  • Our ability to implement a design and digital strategy created by another design agency, where not all development criteria were met
  • Complete strip down and removal of unnecessary back end features in Drupal
  • Re-creating and rebuilding entire content types to be more user friendly and efficient in delivering content
  • Re-creating the structure of hierarchy of typography to improve SEO
  • Complete overhaul of page layouts, calls to action and promotional content areas to improve user experience and content readability
  • A beautifully adaptive build method is implemented which focuses on the user and not the browser, allows for viewing on all devices
  • Creation of beautiful front-end features such as a mega menu, sticky navigation, custom colours of Makdap overlaid over images as a hover effect
  • We also partnered with Greater Leads, to complete an seo audit and recommendations, along with setting up google analytics goals and their google ads and facebook ad campaigns.  


A brilliant reception for the website was received by Digital Garden from the Makinson d’Apice team. With a far greater user experience and a much more visually engaging website, the Makinson d’Apice team feel that their brand and firm can move into 2016 with confidence, and are looking to improve on their SEO ranking. We are expecting great improvements to their ranking over the coming months.

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