A new Sharepoint intranet for Dexus property group


DEXUS had begun to set up a new SharePoint intranet when they engaged Digital Garden to assist with User Experience and design. The previous intranet had been around since 2004 and while 78% of employees agreed that the it was a valuable tool, there were a number of issues.

Digital Garden were tasked with designing an interface that was easier to navigate, find information and use intuitively.


Much of the groundwork for the intranet had already been laid, so Digital Garden’s responsibility was to:

  • Run user inerviews with different departments within Dexus
  • Provide UX expertise on layout and user interface design, to provide a clean and sleek experience for DEXUS staff
  • Create a design that fit within the DEXUS corporate design guidelines and has the look and feel of a modern digital interface
  • Deliver HTML/CSS that was SharePoint friendly and ready for integration with the backend code
  • Deliver a Responsive Design that would allow for mobile intranet use subject to firewall and security requirements being met by DEXUS internal IT dept
Responsive Sharepoint integration
for one of Australia's leading real estate groups
Dexus Propert Group
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