Department of Justice NSW

Secure case management services 24/7


Department of Justice Online Registry provides users secure case management services 24/7, in the NSW Supreme, Land and Environment, District and Local courts. The platform caters for a varied range of tasks for different types of users.

The existing platform was built on SharePoint and was clunky, outdated and impractical. The new Online Registry needed to have a clean, clear and intuitive design that was WC3 compliant and allowed for easy Content Management of the website. It also need to present clear cues for the varying use cases on the website.


Digital Garden used our expertise in the Government space and WC3 compliance in order to implement features and functionality, ensuring that the Online registry met best practice accessibility guidelines. We also worked closely with site managers to ensure that the website is easily manageable in order to create unique page templates. This was done by building the site using a key Drupal feature called paragraphs, which allows full flexibility of the components and layouts on each page.

Secure integrations with the Department of Justice systems and 3rd party providers were successfully implemented which included dynamic navigation, page components and personalisation.


The site was fully tested across a range of different user types and was well received in its simplicity and ease of use. A relatively complicated and intertwined process became intuitive and clear. Both site managers and users reported better and more efficient use of the website. The new interface and fresh look was launched on time and on budget with lots of happy users.