Abacus Property Group

A new website for a specialised and diversified listed property group.


Abacus Property Group is a diversified property group that specialises in investing in core plus property opportunities across Australia. Established in 1996, Abacus has achieved a very successful track record in acquiring property based assets. With these assets, Abacus has been actively managing them and has enhanced income and capital growth.

The website was 7 years old and was in need of a refresher and update to match current trends. The old website was developed on the Joomla platform that is no longer supported, which meant it needed to be pushed and migrated to a new platform. The website’s design was outdated and not ‘responsive’ for multiple devices.


Through in depth consultation, Digital Garden advised that the new Abacus Corporate website should be built on Drupal CMS as it easier for users to manage content than other CMS platforms.

With key audiences in mind, an adaptive website was created, it incorporated 2 break points and 3 different layouts catering various mobile devices. The website’s navigation and IA was also improved upon by decreasing and limiting the amount of click throughs, giving the users a smoother website experience.

Some of the new features that help cater the right information to their target audience include:

  • An investment portfolio - organised in categories showcasing all properties
  • ASX stock price feed integrated throughout the site
  • An ASX feed display stock price in the header, visually available on all pages
  • Security price graphs - an interactive history of past stock prices
  • An interactive historical timeline of key milestones in Abacus’ history


From the day the new website was launched, Abacus received many positive emails and messages regarding the new look and feel, the accessibility of the website from various devices and the availability of stock price on all pages.

Abacus has expressed that Digital Garden exceeded their expectations on this project, producing a website that caters to the needs of their target audience.

Process of Growth
interactive and clear like never before
Abacus' History

A new feature implemented on the new website includes an interactive historical timeline. This timeline allows users to view key milestones in the history of Abacus Property Group.

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