It’s competitive, the education sector

For schools and colleges, whether private or government funded, the invariable presence of multiple legacy systems trying to juggle marketing, recruitment, enrolment and student engagement needs, requires a certain synergy in digital strategy and solutions to correct.

Previously, an online brochure-type presence might have been sufficient. But in the always-on world of social interactions between existing and prospective students, education providers of all persuasions increasingly need to employ smarter technology and clever marketing to attract and retain students.

It’s an ongoing challenge that we’ve built extensive knowledge and expertise around in delivering successful online experiences for a diverse range of education clients, including: International College of Management Sydney (ICMS), College of Law, Department of Education and Training, Sydney University, NSI Tafe, ANU College and MGSM.

Integration is not innovation

Yes, it’s true that potential students want to know that a school or college is offering the right course for them but increasingly, candidates are also looking for information about campus life, transport, career pathways and more, all on the mobile devices of their choosing.

Additionally, we find colleges want to streamline the enquiry and sales process by automating some of the more repetitive tasks associated with enrolment and admissions through seamless integration via their CRM systems. And whatever strategic and tactical solutions are implemented, they all must be compatible with smartphone interaction. Millennials expect it. Which is why, in collaboration with our education sector clients, we develop digital experiences for students that engage across all devices and demographics. However, it’s not just a one size fits all for this sector. The College of Law had vastly different requirements compared to the Blue Mountains School of Hotel Management.

Successfully delivering for these two diverse clients (and others) was largely made possible by tapping into our broad range of design skills, development experience and sector-specific know-how. These could include:

Like to know more?

We ‘get’ that there is a lot to consider when education providers decide to embrace or expand their digital play. But for those who choose to partner with experienced operators who are familiar with the sector (like Digital Garden), opportunities abound. So get in touch with us today.