UX Design

UX: the essence of everything

Steve Krug arguably wrote one of the user experience (UX) bibles a few years ago, called ‘Don’t Make Me Think”. It’s now in its 3rd edition.

The title is essentially a plea from your customers to provide them with the most seamless and intuitive digital experience, whether this be via plain-English navigation (information architecture), clear layout options or logical paths to task completion.

While an engaging web design and user interface (UI) can go some way towards getting users to where they want without angst or indecision, coming up with a UX design that ‘talks’ to as many individuals as possible - irrespective of the device or platform or time of day - requires one essential ingredient: simplicity.

But simple can be hard

That’s why we conduct extensive user testing to define a customer’s needs then craft those journeys (using interactive wireframes, among other UX design tools) to get them where they want to be.

Producing a definitive interface that places users at the core of every web design and web development decision might therefore require a continuous combination of:

  • Focus groups and testing
  • On-site observations
  • Persona and prototyping development
  • Eye-tracking sessions
  • Customer analytics
  • Refining, testing, repeating.

Let’s get designing for users

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