Usability Testing

It’s not about you

Testing usability is an art and a science requiring a mixture of quantitative and qualitative inputs.

Starting with a robust sample size we’re able to delve deeper into a typical user’s needs, wants, motivations and expectations, to essentially reveal how they actually react and respond to a design.

In essence, we learn the brutal truth of what people really think about your website, app service, intranet or portal. And that’s gold when it comes to refining any digital assets; be that the: 

The benefits of user testing can’t be overstated. And it’s critical to test early and test often to ensure the solution evolves in the right direction to deliver on business objectives.

Testing can be done in your offices, our offices or in a user’s own environment, such as their home. The key thing is to set tasks and environments as close to the real world you’re designing for in order to give valid insights into what is working and what improvements could be made.

We utilise industry-recognised models such as the user experience honeycomb and CUBI framework to help shape the user testing process and outcomes.

User testing does not have to be testing

So get in touch today and let’s discuss the options; whether user testing might be a stand-alone task for now, or part of a larger ongoing digital project.