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When it comes to security, compliance and reliability we have you covered

If GovCMS SaaS is not the right fit for your organisation and you're looking for a solution that is more flexible - a Drupal build paired with either GovCMS PaaS hosting services, or our enterprise hosting solution may be the way forward.

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GovCMS has two different service offerings, Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Both offerings include web hosting on Drupal, Drupal infrastructure maintenance and website backups.

Digital Garden offers a third solution, which is a Drupal 9 + enterprise hosting, paired with one of our ongoing security and support packages. This offering ticks all the procurement boxes when it comes to security, compliance and reliability. 

Our team has been delivering incredible Drupal projects for over a decade, both in GovCMS and Drupal CMS, and with this knowledge we can assist you to make the right decision on which platform is the right fit for your organisation. 

Let us help you choose the right solution
For many of our GovCMS clients, GovCMS SaaS is a great fit for their project. However, GovCMS SaaS isn’t the platform for everyone and there are some important considerations before going down that path. 

At the beginning of your project, we will complete a discovery phase where we will work with your stakeholders to analyse and map out your project's requirements. We will help determine the best platform choice for your organisational needs.

​​​​​Below is a high-level overview of GovCMS SaaS vs. Drupal 9 PaaS.

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