Why choose WordPress for your website? It is still often (wrongly) regarded as a simple blogging platform. Maybe that was the case in the early days but now WordPress has become so much more.

WordPress is ideal for creating functional websites.

It is a free software package that allows you to easily organise, manage and publish your content, with an endless variety of customisation.

WordPress began as a blogging tool but has evolved into a well established CMS, utilised by CNN and The Huffington Post, millions of people around the look at WordPress sites every day. WordPress is completely customisable and can be used for almost anything. Because WordPress is an Open Source project, there are hundreds of people contributing to improving and extending it every day. (more than most commercial platforms).

Security & Open Source

We know that security is critical for our clients, and we take steps to ensure that your open source installation is safe from security threats that affect most websites.

When installed and utilised correctly, WordPress is a very secure platform. A secure installation involves:

  • Always deploying the latest version of your CMS. Using the latest release of any software is the #1 rule for security.
  • Quality, secure hosting
  • Latest stable Apache + PHP + MySQL server software, and configurations
  • Use of trusted and well maintained WordPress plugins
  • Following some basic rules – e.g. secure passwords and preventing access to core files

Taking care of the basics

We’ve had our WordPress websites come under the scrutiny of enterprise-level penetration testing, receiving only low-level, minor recommendations to ‘harden’ security further. We addressed these issues quickly by implementing features such as WordPress administration over HTTPS, and disabling standard FTP protocols in favour of SFTP.

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