UTS Redesign

UTS partnered with Digital Garden during the process of a complete visual rebrand of the UTS website. We complemented the UTS team with UX and UI expertise in the production of the new website design.

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UTS engaged Digital Garden during a period of digital transformation. The rejuvenation of the UTS brand involved fusing creativity with technology and resulted in an entirely new brand identity.    


Digital Garden partnered with UTS to bring this new identity to life in the digital landscape. Through workshops, weekly meetings and presentations we created responsive visual designs for the flagship website geared by a series of data visualisation graphics.  These graphics are the core of the new brand identity which were implemented in line with the UTS approved style guide.  


The outcome a bold, creative and connected design with considered user experience and accessibility. The flagship UTS website has been transformed achieving the creative meets technology brief. Digital Garden continues to work with UTS in the ongoing evolution of the new brand identity.  
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