Tenants' Union

Website UX and optimisation for Tenants' Union

The Tenants’ Union is an independent not for profit organisation that works to promote the interests of tenants in NSW. Digital Garden was engaged to deliver a plan for website optimisation, including an expert UX review, usability testing and a design and template review.

Work began with a UX review of the website, performing a heuristic evaluation of the key pages and areas on the site. Findings from this were distilled into a report and reviewed with the client to form the base for usability testing with users. A research brief was created stating the objectives and methodology for the remote moderated usability testing performed. Results from this were analysed and also put into a report. Following the testing, a series of wireframes were produced to improve key site templates based on the UX review and usability tests. These were presented to the client to conclude the phase of work.

After internal review, Tenants’ Union has approached Digital Garden again to begin the design and development phase of work, taking action on the wireframe templates and developing a UI concept.