Sydney Community College

A UX and Design project for a well established Sydney college

Refreshing the look

Established in 1986, Sydney Community College (SCC) focuses on creating innovative learning programmes from basic courses and classes to more advanced training and workshops, for wherever and whenever an individual would like to learn.

The old Sydney Community College was simply outdated and clunky in terms of design. A website redesign and refresher was long overdue. The College reached out to Digital Garden for assistance and expertise in UX and Design as well as Search Engine Optimisation.  

The path to greatness

The aim of the project was to re-establish the online presence of Sydney Community College by bringing to life a whole new online experience partnered with a fresh clean design. The end goal for the website to reflect who Sydney Community College are as a social enterprise and to clearly identify who their target audience is.

The project involved the Digital Garden UX and Design team creating interactive prototypes / wireframes based on UX principles for desktop and mobile views on the Homepage, Course Listing Page and Course Detail Page.

Both parties involved (SCC and Digital Garden) collaborated on various rounds of designs and prototypes/wireframes to produce a final user friendly and beautifully designed solution that reflects the college’s online needs. 

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