Shakespeare Reloaded

Reload your experience of Shakespeare with fresh ideas and activities for teachers and students. Brought to you by The University of Sydney's English Department.


Shakespeare Reloaded is a collaborative research project between the English department at the University of Sydney and Barker College with the aim of establishing a space in which secondary and tertiary educators could explore the teaching and learning of Shakespeare and to gain a better understanding of the student experience in large learning institutions.

Since 2007 the program has gone through a few iterations and developments but had yet to have an online presence to help deliver the message to a wider audience and engage these audiences in some of the program’s activities. With limited resources of people, time and budget there was a need to ensure that the website delivered content quickly and easily across all devices to suit the varied target audiences from academics through to students.


Digital Garden worked closely with Professor Liam Semler and Claire Hansen to better understand not only the content but the target audiences in order to create a website structure that was intuitive and easy to access.

In order to keep to tight budget constraints the Digital Garden team developed the website “in browser” as the visual design was being developed in parallel. The CMS was installed and configured quickly so that the client team could begin populating content as soon as possible. Upon approval of the visual design the theming was applied to the website having real life content already in place.

The website utilised a “book module” to create a step-by-step guide for educators to implement featured activities including The Shakespeare Imaginarium, King’s Games and the Bard Blitz. Users can work through the activities at their own pace or simply download the full program for use in their classes.


The site was launched in mid-2014 and has grown in popularity amongst the target audiences, collaborators and sponsors alike. As the team develops new content, it is quickly and easily populated and made available to users.

As educators increasingly make use of the activities on the website the program team has been busy developing more activities to further engage and provoke educators in teaching methods for Shakespeare and looks to implement these activities online.

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