A Drupal solution for a resource rich website


iasset.com is a technology company with offices in Sydney, San Francisco and London. The company designs advanced cloud engines to revolutionise channel efficiency for their customers and their own partners across the globe, increasing revenue and reducing complexity each and every day.

The challenge was to update the company’s existing site with a fresh, responsive design that would help generate more leads through the site, boost visitor engagement metrics and increase marketing contacts through newsletter subscriptions and ebook downloads.


As a technology company, iasset.com sells a series of complex products heavy on tech industry jargon and layered with detailed information. Our solution was to create an uncluttered design within an ordered site architecture that helped keep information-overload to an absolute minimum.

For its scalability and flexibility, Drupal was the standout choice for the framework of the new iasset.com website. From blogs and resources to products and industries information, a range of content types can be created and expanded upon as iasset.com’s offering continues to evolve and expand.

iasset.com offers downloadable white papers, case studies and ebooks through the resources section of their site, as a way to help inform and engage with their customer base and grow subscriptions. An integration between the site and HubSpot - the inbound marketing and sales platform - allows download forms to capture subscriber information that will help iasset.com convert leads and close customers.

To complement our simple and logical design, we created a library of custom-designed iconography for iasset.com to utilise throughout the site. For technical products and concepts in particular, icons are invaluable in helping to convey a complex idea to the user in an instant.


Launched in March 2016, the new iasset.com site has only been recently launched. However, already the company is thrilled not only with the fresh new responsive design, but also converted to the benefits and user-friendliness of Drupal.


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with iasset.com’s integration with HubSpot
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