Unlimited entertainment across any smart device, brought to you by Singtel.


Internet connected device ownership continues to grow in the Asia-Pacific region. Major telecommunication businesses now market the streaming of video on demand (SVOD). Singtel, in partnership with Warner Brother and Sony Pictures, launched its own service in the emerging Asian markets of Indonesia, India, Thailand and the Philippines.

These regions have low credit card penetration and to counter this Singtel leveraged its telecommunications carrier billing capabilities. This allowed all consumers in this region to watch video content on mobile devices.

In addition to low credit card penetration, these emerging markets have high incidences of video piracy. To counter this Hooq.tv proposed an affordable service with over 10,000 movies and TV series available and on-demand. The marketing website needed to clearly position Hooq.tv as the most affordable and accessible entertainment destination in these emerging markets.


Digital Garden developed the new hooq.tv website in close partnership with Singtel’s Global Digital Life teams. The aim was to attract high levels of traffic and to promote subscription to the service through the Hooq.tv app. This allowed subscribers to view movies and TV programs directly on their devices.

The site was designed featuring images from movies and TV shows to engage potential customers and to encourage subscribers. In countries where the service was available, the offer of subscribing for updates was made to capture details for future alerts and marketing.

Once the product was available on mobile devices, the website needed to be responsive to give the user an optimal experience on each device. The team developed the Hooq.tv website on a Wordpress CMS platform with a fresh, contemporary design. The website provides information about pricing, entertainment and subscription. It strongly positions the brand in a fast moving and increasingly competitive market.


The feedback from both Singtel and their Global Digital Life team has been positive. The site looks fresh, contemporary in design and appeals to target audiences in the Asia Pacific region. Streaming Video on Demand (SVOD) is undergoing massive growth in the southern hemisphere and Singtel is well positioned in the market.

“We are starting this venture to change the way people across Asia view entertainment. Today, across developing markets, there is limited access to quality entertainment, streamed directly to the screen of one’s choice. It’s either illegal, high cost or difficult to get. We aim to fix that,” says Bithos (CEO, Hooq). Source Tech In Asia.

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