Australian Fisheries Management Authority

A discovery & requirements gathering phase to allow AFMA to go to market for the website design & development phase of two of its websites.

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) engaged Digital Garden at its beginning stage to rebuild its two public websites -- and -- managed by AFMA and hosted on GovCMS SaaS platform.

AFMA had sought to partner with a digital provider on a phase 1 discovery which would form a part of the RFQ for the phase 2 design, development and testing of the two new sites.

To discover more about AFMA and PZJA users, plus internal stakeholders, Digital Garden ran the following activities:

  • Project inception & user personas workshop
  • User research groups/interviews & development of user needs
  • Codesign workshop on user flows
  • Information architecture (IA) concepts
  • Tree testing IA with stakeholders
  • Functionality requirements

While we ran the project during the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was seamlessly coordinated between Sydney and Canberra thanks to Digital Garden's long-established remote ways of working, method and tools:

  • Presenting deliverables via video conferencing and screenshare
  • Workshops using Miro virtual whiteboards
  • Delivery of menu wireframes InVision
  • Testing IAs via Optimal Workshop
  • Cloud-based collaboration on documentation via Google Docs