A website for the Federal Government's Financial Claims Scheme, built in Drupal

Why the project is so vital to the Australian economy

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) approached Digital Garden for the development of a website for the Federal Government’s Financial Claims Scheme (FCS), of which APRA is the administrator. 

The FCS is a scheme of the Australian Government which provides protections to deposits within Australian banks, building societies and credit unions, as well as policies with general insurers in the unlikely event that one of these national financial institutions fails.

The FCS would only come into effect if it were activated by the Australian Government when one of these institutions falls over. Once activated, the FCS would then be administered by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

Vital requirements of the FCS project

As the FCS is a government body, the design and the development of the site needed to adhere to strict user accessibility guidelines, ensuring that users with accessibility restrictions such as vision impairment would be able to easily access and read the site.

The nature of the FCS is that it is enacted in the event of a major financial institutions collapse. Such an event would be of huge impact to the national economy and to the economic security of potentially millions of customers around the country. The publicity of a collapse would generate enormous volumes of traffic to the site at any giving moment. Rigorous testing was undertaken on the hosting environment to ensure that significant spikes in traffic to the site could be accommodated.

Final outcomes

The following phases were successfully executed to ensure the FCS site is at the ready should there be a financial calamity:

  • The site design and completed development was subjected to the strict accessibility guidelines during AA compliance testing by Vision Australia

  • Hosting is through Acquia Enterprise, providing first class hosting and traffic requirements in the event of a flood of traffic from concerned customers

  • The site underwent rigorous vulnerability scans; security testing; and several rounds of exhaustive load testing

Accessibility Level AA
AA Compliance tested by Vision Australia
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