What is govCMS?

govCMS is an easy way for government agencies to create modern, affordable, responsive websites, reducing much of the red tape that goes along with government projects. Digital Garden is a proud member of a panel of preferred suppliers across Australia put together by the Department of Finance to build govCMS projects. Government agencies no longer have to go out to the open market to have their websites built, they can approach a panel partner directly for a quote on their digital project. 

Why choose us for your govCMS project? 

We are experts in engagement with large stakeholder groups, user experience across devices, and building functional and accessible websites. All of Digital Garden’s Drupal engineers are Acquia-certified developers and our UX team are skilled at designing for Drupal.    We have over 13 years’ experience working on digital projects for Australian Government departments and understand the intricacies and processes of working with government stakeholder groups. Over the years we have worked with agencies such as Local Government NSW, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), Sydney Water, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Department of Education & Training, Office of Environment & Heritage and the Department of Justice NSW.   Some of the key features of govCMS
  • Open - govCMS is built on Drupal open source software, therefore any new functionality developed for one agency can be shared across all govCMS websites.
  • Compliant - govCMS meets the WCAG 2.0 standard, which is mandatory for Australian Government websites.
  • Mobile responsive - With audiences increasingly become mobile, it’s important that your website is adaptable. All govCMS websites are fully responsive, seamlessly resizing for different devices.
  • Unlimited flexibility - Using the PaaS framework we can build a solution that is completely customised and flexible, tailored to your business requirements. 
  • Reliable - Built with load-balancing capabilities and disaster recovery to ensure high availability of agency websites, the govCMS platform has a website uptime of 99.95% each month.
  • Secure - Proactively tested and maintained to meet Government standards and fend-off threats to agency websites.
  • Hassle-free - Procurement has been taken care of and you can easily start your website project with one of the Drupal services panel partners, such as Digital Garden.

Do you have govCMS project you would like to discuss?

Send us your brief today, and one of our govCMS experts will call you to take you through our project process and discuss your requirements.