Digital Strategy

Need a clear digital strategy?

The Internet has become part of everyone’s lives to the point of being a utility that we can’t seem to live without. With that in mind, it’s important for organisations to understand how they need to play in the digital world to drive growth. What is their digital posture? How are they going to leverage the plethora of digital channels available to them and making them work in unison to drive growth for their organisation?

These questions and more can only be answered when we analyse business goals, the digital landscape as it affects the organisation and its audiences in multiple channels and how each can interact together to achieve those goals.

A structured approach

Digital Garden’s approach is to fully understand the challenges each customer faces and to define a strategy using the CUBI model put forward by Stern that reflects our approach to our clients’ challenges. It combines Content strategy, User goals, Business goals and Interactions that ultimately lead to a thoroughly developed digital strategy.

Together we define the ideal customer or buyer’s journey and what digital platforms will serve best to increase engagement and interaction to move the potential customer towards the purchase decision or call to action. Websites, social media, customer relationship management and marketing automation systems all play a part in defining the digital strategy for any organisation.

Digital Strategy phases include:

  • Defining business goals through requirements analysis and business case development
  • Customer goals through user research and development of insights and user personas
  • Analysis of online content and structure
  • User journey and interaction mapping

Amongst many others, Digital Garden has helped clients such as Investa, Australian Veterinary Association, International College of Management and Leighton Contractors develop their digital strategies and best practice approaches to online customer experiences.

Where to next? 

The connected economy is here to stay. Can you afford to ignore it? Or will you harness all that it has to offer to grow your business into the future? Get in touch today and let us help you make sense of it all and bring together a digital strategy to achieve your business goals.