Technical Lead
Dalibor Matura is a Technical Lead at Digital Garden

Dalibor is a Senior Drupal Developer and is one of our Technical Leads here at Digital Garden, with experience in guiding teams and clients, from small startups to enterprise companies. At Digital Garden, Dalibor has worked on projects for Baxter, Bennelong and UTS.

He helps our clients by architecting technical solutions, reaching goals, overcoming any blockers and scaling-up - all using the right technology for their needs.

Coming from a systems programming background and being experienced in C++ and Rust, Dali - as we know him - brings a unique perspective on Drupal’s architecture - making for a very confident backend developer, practising test-driven development that produces elegant, efficient and well-maintainable code you can trust.

Supported by his strong analytical and mathematical background he is a remarkable problem-solver, having a system for everything he does. Leading teams as a certified Scrum Master, he is a servant-leader not worried to do the heavy lifting, sharing ownership, putting the needs of others first and helping people develop and perform as highly as possible.

Dalibor is a peaceful and kind person, yet communicates directly and unambiguously. His reports and instructions are very easy to read. Participating in open source communities while utilising resources and contributing back is close to his nature.

Dalibor has Bachelor's degree from Applied Informatics, Faculty of Informatics - Masaryk University.