Supporting Glaucoma Australia's new digital vision

The end solution makes it easier to find information on a sometimes overwhelming topic.
Design Thinking

Digital Garden creates digital solutions for clients across a myriad of sectors. One of those is the not-for-profit (NFP) field where Digital Garden has strength in delivering custom-crafted, user-centred solutions for their purposeful projects.

Our work for Médecins Sans Frontières, the World Mosquito Program and Surf Life Saving NSW, among others, has helped those organisations promote their cause and make a meaningful difference to their communities. 

The latest NFP client Digital Garden has partnered with is Glaucoma Australia

For an organisation whose core goal is to support those with impaired vision, the new Glaucoma Australia website that Digital Garden created needed to be big, bold and accessible. 

Clear fonts, big calls to action, seamless browser zoom and a clutter-free design were central to the design and development of this new build. Our content strategy and prototyping phases focused on the very unique needs of the audience groups for the website. The end product shows is a reorganisation of content and messaging that speaks to each audience group who is at a different stage or side of the glaucoma journey

The new site gives reassurance to those living with glaucoma and the friends, family and professionals with them on that journey that they can find the information they need easily.

Form integrations with their CRM and smooth online shop experience helped Glaucoma Australia streamline their back-of-house processes. There is also a one-page Donations form where you can lend a hand to supporting those with glaucoma as well as ongoing research and innovation.