govCMS panel members announced

In October 2017 the Australian Government announced the govCMS panel, and Digital Garden are proud to be one of the select few panel members.

The panel was created so all government agencies can buy the Drupal services they need from a range of service providers, across Australia. The panel will be in place until June 2019, with two one year extensions that can be executed.

It was an extensive tendering process that we went through to be selected as a panel member, so all the hard work of vetting vendors has been done. This makes it simpler for government agencies to be able to shortlist and choose which digital supplier they want to work with.

Currently we are working with APRA and Local Government NSW on their main websites. We are excited to work with more government agencies over the next coming years and delivering them user friendly, beautifully designed, technically superior, drupal websites.

If you are a government agency and have brief please get in touch.